When it comes to cannabis flower, Redecan is the premiere choice for connoisseurs. Whether it’s a hard-hitting Cold Creek Kush, or a dank Wappa, all dry flowers cultivated at Redecan’s high-end facilities go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure consistency across all growth phases. Redecan takes great care in ensuring a high quality product is produced each and every time with every crop that is harvested. Conscientious care is delivered from crop to crop and through key elements and processes to ensure a high quality end product. The process consists of propagating, flowering, harvesting, drying, and trimming.

The Original Machine Straight-Roll Personal Sized Pre-roll

Redees by Redecan provide an unparalleled premium pre-roll experience. Thoughtfully designed with an extra-long filter, tightly packed and offered in a convenient 10-pack, Redees are the original machine straight-roll personal sized pre-roll. Now upsized from 0.35g to 0.40g for added pleasure, offering less “canoeing” and each pre-roll is optimized for a better burn.

redees pre-rollSignature Straight-Roll

Redecan’s signature pre-rolled cannabis product, “Redees,” is an iconic high-quality offering in the Redecan family of products. Containing high-quality bud grown in Redecan’s state-of-the-art, purpose-built greenhouses, Redees are the first straight styled pre-roll in Canadian markets, characterized by their sleek profile and long paper filter— these two features permit smoking to the end without wastage. Each Redee is also perfectly packed with 0.4g of high-quality bud that ensures an even burning experience that’s ready to light right out of the pack. 

redees pre-rollAll bud, no shake

Redees contain Redecan greenhouse grown high-quality bud, and absolutely no shake. Some pre-roll products on the market are produced with remnants from the trimming process– shake “crumbs” or the lesser sized “popcorn bud”. Complementing this quality input Redecan’s pre-rolls contain the perfect amount of cannabis for personal use at 0.40 grams each. The end result is a luxury cannabis experience in a format that is well crafted inside and out.


Redees pre-rolls are conveniently packed in 10’s, foil-wrapped and designed elegantly to maintain freshness. Redees are the perfect treat for a social gathering, or even a discrete solo session. Redees are available in most of Redecan’s signature strains, including Wappa and Cold Creek Kush.

0.40g for added pleasure

Redecan recently increased the net weight of cannabis in a pack of Redees from 3.5g to 4.0g; and the amount of cannabis in each pre-roll increased from a net weight of 0.35g to 0.40g. Redees will continue to be offered in its convenient 10 pack with its signature, extra long-filter and machine-rolled straight profile, using an all-bud-no-shake formulation. Now packed with more cannabis for personal and group sharing occasions, Redees are now optimized for a consistently smooth and hassle-free experience with each high-quality roll right out of the pack.

 Less canoeing & better burn

The simple reason for adding more cannabis buds to each and every pre-roll was to give every consumer a premium experience when they choose Redees by Redecan. Through adding almost 15% more bud to each and every Redees pre-roll, they are now more densely packed and offer consumers a premium even-burning experience that is less likely to “canoe” (burn unevenly). The density of each pre-roll is now optimized to correlate with the coefficient burn rate of the paper and subsequent air-flow rate through the filter that ensures each pull or puff is equal to the last.

Easy access packaging

Redees is offered in its premium, primary packaging as a hinge-lid, flip-top pack that makes it an easy, familiar choice for consumers for personal or sharing occasions. Redees are foil wrapped to establish a barrier to the bud which ensures they stay fresher longer. Redees’ distinct luxury packaging makes it an elegant occasion for users to pull out their pre-roll without having to fumble with locking mechanisms, stay-fresh films or dealing with twisted ends. Each Redee pre-roll leaves the pack in its straight form without losing any bud and is ready to light – promising a pleasurable experience from start to finish.


At Redecan we are committed to producing the highest quality products across our whole range of product categories. When it comes to pre-rolls we continually strive to innovate and bring you the highest quality, premium pre-rolls on the market.

If you would care to explore some of Redecan’s popular high quality Redees pre-rolls they include: Wappa, Cold Creek Kush, Black Cherry Punch and Lilac Diesel.

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