When it comes to cannabis flower, Redecan is the premiere choice for connoisseurs. Whether it’s a hard-hitting Cold Creek Kush, or a dank Wappa, all dry flowers cultivated at Redecan’s high-end facilities go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure consistency across all growth phases. Redecan takes great care in ensuring a high quality product is produced each and every time with every crop that is harvested. Conscientious care is delivered from crop to crop and through key elements and processes to ensure a high quality end product. The process consists of propagating, flowering, harvesting, drying, and trimming.

Redecan’s Purpose-built Greenhouse

Redecan’s state-of-the- art greenhouses are designed to control every aspect of the plant’s environment to allow each strain to achieve its full potential. One notable feature is the  high-power exhaust fans with odour control systems. Clean air exchange is a key element to enabling healthy growth and avoiding mold and mildew; the addition of high quality odour control acts as a good neighbour practice for the rest of their community.


In Redecan’s purpose-built greenhouses, plants are grown in large individualized rooms containing up to 724 plants. In this stage plants are heavily monitored for their genetic attributes, adequate water retention, and stability. By having good genetic lineage and traits in our plants, they’re less susceptible to mildew, pests and environmental pressures. We limit our use of additional chemicals or manipulation giving our consumers clean and well derived natural cannabis products.

Optimized Genetics

At Redecan, we know good genetics equal good plants – and in keeping up with consumer trends and tastes we strive to continually keep testing new strains. Redecan strives for plants with high THC, high terpene profiles, positive growth habits, that are resistant to over-watering and drought conditions. Redecan regularly consults through its medical patient community to advise on the effectiveness of its newest genetic cultivars and they play a key role in helping bring new strains to the broader market. Redecan regularly runs tests to see what minerals and micronutrients are present in our local water table. Using ozone enriched water also provides a premium oxygen source and adjusts the nutrient plan based on the regional seasonal nuances and the level of fertilizer elements required for each stage of growth.


Growers take a natural approach, all irrigation water is sterilized with ozone (O3) which also increases the oxygen levels in the water and induces for better nutrient uptake in the plants. Plants are subjected to a light cycle to induce flowering, while strain specific care and attention is a key attribute to bring about the highest genetic potential in every crop. Redecan engages in direct physical assessments of the root moisture levels to make sure specific conditions exist for success. Through conscientious management of the soil and root conditions, Redecan’s diligent monitoring ensures not to overuse fertilizers or natural resources while managing a healthy environmental footprint by avoiding unnecessary runoff into the local water table. This ensures healthy root zones and a good foundation for great healthy happy plants.

all budHarvesting, Hang Drying and Trimming

At Redecan, our core values remain the same. Redecan flowers are constantly monitored to ensure that they are harvested at the peak stage of growth to preserve flavour and THC. Redecan ensures optimal flavour by uniquely allowing flowers to hang dry on their own branches. Redecan dry flowers are then trimmed by hand reducing the loss of bud and trichomes to unintuitive machines. Subsequently, each harvest is a high quality, expertly handled, conscientiously grown natural product.

Precise expert care is individually delivered to the level that each plant requires. Growers are dedicated to each individual plant compartment, guiding their plants through growth phases from beginning to end. Every plant within each crop receives individual observation and attention and care every day until it’s ready for harvest.

To facilitate a high quality environment, after every crop cycle, Redecan’s greenhouse is cleaned and disinfected so that no pest or pathogens could fester and infect future crops. Redecan is committed to starting each grow clean and ending clean to ensure the highest levels of quality.


At Redecan we are committed to producing the highest quality product across our whole range of product categories. When it comes to cannabis flower, it serves as the key product required for everything we do. For this simple reason, we manage every positive input and deliver conscientious care at every stage through harvest to ensure a level of quality that can be seen in every bud we grow.

If you would care to explore some of Redecan’s popular high quality strains they include: Wappa, Cold Creek Kush, Black Cherry Punch, Lilac Diesel, Outlaw & Sour Diesel.

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