Everything you want, nothing you don’t.

Redees are a discrete, form factor pre-roll packed with all bud, and no shake. This iconic straight roll offers a discrete and premium pre-roll experience for enthusiasts and novices alike, and are ready-to-share in convenient packs of 10.


Signature Straight Roll

Redees are distinguishable straight rolls that are compact, discrete, and they burn evenly. Pairing uniquely grown cannabis with advanced cigarette-style rolling technology, results in a thoughtfully designed pre-roll unlike anything else on the market.


All Bud, No Shake

Redees are precision packed with all bud and no shake, and our massive greenhouses are located in the same facility as our Redees production. Pre-roll-bound flowers are transported directly from curing to rolling, so you can ensure your pre-rolls are fresh and packed with the best bud.


Extra-Long Filter

Burnt fingers and wasted weed are common inconveniences of a regular pre-rolled joint. The Redee tackles this age-old problem with an extra-long filter. A longer filter allows you to smoke your Redee all the way to the end and save your fingertips!


Form Factor for Personal Sessions

At 0.35 grams per joint, Redees are the perfect size for a personal smoke. Keep a Redee for yourself and share for a hygienic way to enjoy your pre-rolls with friends.


Packs of 10

In pocketable packs of 10, Redees are both affordable, and easy to share—making them the perfect go-to for a quick and social session.

Visit your local licensed dispensary to purchase a pack of Redecan’s Redees! Available in Cold Creek Kush, Wappa, Outlaw, God Bud, and Shishkaberry.