Frequently asked questions

How many varieties of cannabis do you grow?
We want you to have choices when picking the right product to meet your needs. We currently offer a wide variety of both dry bud and oils. If you can’t find a specific product please contact us to share your suggestion.

Do we produce capsules?
Our Softgels are made from oils that are extracted from a blend of Redecan’s greenhouse-grown cannabis. Each capsule was formulated with responsibly sourced MCT oil.

How to administer?
Dosing syringe for Oral Administration.

Caring for your Syringe
If you are experiencing difficulty plunging it may be due to a cannabis oil build up in your syringe.
Frequent rinsing with hot water will help ensure that your syringe will properly function.

How to store?
It is recommended to store your cannabis oil in a spot with stable temperature away from direct light, heat or moisture.

Making sense of concentration
Concentration varies depending on the product ordered. Our concentrations are expressed in terms of milligrams/millilitres (mg/ml). A product with a THC concentration of 20mg/ml is twice as strong as a product that is 10mg/ml. Keep concentrations in mind if you are using a new product.

What dosage should I take?
Oils can be slow to active in your system, so it is recommended that you start low and go slow. Give yourself time to see how the oil has affected you before consuming more.

What is carrier oil?
Licensed Producers are required to dilute the cannabis that is extracted with an alternate substance, which is called a carrier oil. Redecan uses MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil. MCT Oil is colourless, odourless, and stays liquid at room temperature.

What is equivalency factor?
The equivalency factor is expressed in terms of how many millilitres (volume) were produced from 1 gram of cannabis.

How can I place my orders with Redecan?
To place an order for a Redecan product, you can visit your province’s recreational store, or a government-licensed local dispensary that is authorized to carry Redecan products. You can find the closest cannabis store to you using our store finder.

Why am I not getting Redecan emails/why are Redecan emails in my junk?
While our emails reach most emails without issue, there are some with higher security restrictions that may filter our address to spam/junk. In that case, simply add our and to your email contacts and address book.