Redecan Medical Dispensary Product List

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CategoryName / StrainTypeTHCCBDPrice
DistillateBake Sale Twist and DropHybrid19.90%50.18%$45/1.5g
DropsCBD Reign Drops 1:30Hybrid 1.33 mg/ml30.6 mg/ml$30/30 ml
Drops Reign Drops 15:15 Hybrid14.7 mg/ml14.9 mg/ml$30/30 ml
Drops THC Reign Drops 30:0Hybrid28.8 mg/ml0 - 1 mg/ml$30/30 ml
Dry Sift HashO.S. Hash - HybridHybrid27.56%0 - 1%$29.95/2g
Dry Sift HashO.S. Hash - SativaSativa35.30%0 - 1%$29.95/2g
Dry Sift HashO.S. Hash - IndicaIndica32.38%0 - 1%$29.95/2g
Flower Amnesia OG - LIMITED EDSativa Dominant 21.40%<0.1%$56/14g
Flower Black Cherry PunchIndica Dominant23.60%<0.1%$6.00/g
Flower CBD Charlotte Angel Hybrid 0.52%13.09%$5.00/g
Flower Charlees Angel Indica Dominant 18.95 %<0.1%$5.00/g
Flower Cold Creek KushHybrid18 - 22%0 - 1.5%$5.50/g
Flower Cold Creek Kush BagHybrid18 - 22%0 - 1.5%$120/28g
Flower Gelato 29 - LIMITED EDHybrid21.20%<0.1%$56/14g
Flower Gelato Haze - LIMITED EDIndica Dominant21.70%<0.1%$56/14g
Flower Ghost Train Haze - LIMITED EDSativa Dominant 21.30%<0.1%$56/14g
Flower Glueberry OGHybrid 15.32%<0.1%$4.00/g
Flower Green Crush - LIMITED EDIndica Dominant22.30%<0.1%$16/3.5g
Flower Hexo HeliosSativa Dominant 17 - 18.4%<0.1%$4-5/g
Flower Hexo LagoonIndica Dominant20.00%0 - 1%$17.67/3.5g
Flower Legendary Larry - LIMITED EDSativa Dominant 25.70%<0.1%$56/14g
Flower Lemon Margy - LIMITED EDSativa Dominant 18.70%<0.1%$56/14g
Flower Lilac DieselSativa Dominant 19.2%%<0.1%$5.70/g
Flower Hexo Northern BerryIndica Dominant20-22.5%0 - 1%$5.05/g
Flower Mint Chip Gelato - LIMITED EDHybrid18.80%<0.1%$16/3.5g
Flower OutlawSativa Dominant 20%0 - 0.1%$5.50/g
Flower Powdered DonutsIndica Dominant23.70%<0.1%$6/g
Flower Pucker Up - LIMITED EDSativa Dominant 19.10%<0.1%$16/3.5g
Flower Sago - LIMITED EDIndica Dominant21%<0.1%$16/3.5g
Flower Sour Diesel BagIndica Dominant16.8-17.5%<0.1%$100/28g
Flower Wappa Indica Dominant 22 - 23.5%0 - 0.1%$5.50/g
Flower Warlock - LIMITED EDIndica Dominant24.20%<0.1%$16/3.5g
Flower UP Northern BerryIndica Dominant22.50%<0.1%$17.69/3.5g
Flower UP Ultra SourSativa Dominant 23.39%0 - 1%$89.99/14g
Flower O.S. KushIndica Dominant22.30%<0.1%$112/28g
Flower Hexo TsunamiIndica Dominant21.60%0 - 1%$100/30g
Flower Hexo Milled - BerryIndica Dominant18.60%<0.1%$28/7g
Flower Hexo Milled - SweetSativa Dominant 18.70%<0.1%$28/7g
Flower Hexo Milled - SourIndica Dominant23.50%<0.1%$28/7g
Flower Wappa Ready2Roll +Indica Dominant24.90%<0.1%$35/3.5g
Gems CBD Gems+ Indica Dominant 1.51 mg/unit 33.5 mg/unit $25/15 caps
Gems Gems 5:0 Indica Dominant 5.13 mg/unit0 - 1 mg/unit$9/15 caps
Gems Gems 5:5Indica Dominant 5.03 mg/unit5.07 mg/unit$16/15 caps
Gems Gems CBD Indica Dominant 0 - 1 mg/unit9.6 - 10.5 mg/unit$12/15 caps
RedeblesCola RedeblesHybrid2.5mg/unit0mg/unit$4.50/pack of 4
RedeblesFrozen PeachHybrid2.5mg/unit0mg/unit$4.50/pack of 4
RedeblesMexican LimeHybrid2.5mg/unit0mg/unit$4.50/pack of 4
RedeblesOrange Crush RedeblesHybrid2.5mg/unit0mg/unit$4.50/pack of 4
RedeblesRoot Beer RedeblesHybrid2.5mg/unit0mg/unit$4.50/pack of 4
RedeblesStrawberry IceHybrid2.5mg/unit2.5mg/unit$4.50/pack of 4
RedeesBlack Cherry Punch RedeesIndica Dominant19.8 - 23%0 - 1%$20/4g
RedeesCold Creek Kush RedeesHybrid18%0 - 1%$20/3.5g
RedeesKing Pack Redees - Cold Creek KushHybrid18.60%0 - 1%$110/28g
RedeesKing Pack Redees - Royal CollectionHybrid19 - 22%0 - 1%$110/28g
RedeesKing Pack Redees - WappaIndica Dominant18.80%0 - 1%$110/28g
RedeesKing Pack Redees - Lilac DieselSativa Dominant 15.60%0 - 1%$110/28g
RedeesLilac Diesel RedeesSativa Dominant 14.40%0 - 1%$20/4g
RedeesOutlaw Redees Sativa Dominant 13%0 - 1%$15/4g
RedeesWappa Redees Indica Dominant20.10%0 - 1%$20/3.5g
Redees +Wappa Redees +Indican Dominant22.20%0 - 1%$25/4g
Redees +Cold Creek Kush Redees +Hybrid23.80%0 - 1%$25/4g
VapeHexo Wild Strawberry Vape PenHybrid78%0 - 1%$25/0.25g
VapeO.S. Super Sour Diesel Vape CartHybrid82.20%0 - 1%$37.95/1g
VapeHexo Granddaddy Purple Vape CartHybrid49.00%27%$28/0.5g
VapeHexo Fire OG Vape CartHybrid74.98%0 - 1%$27/0.5g
VapeHexo Blue Dream Vape CartHybrid72.60%0 - 1%$28/0.5g
VapeRedee Honeycrisp Apple Vape CartHybrid81.30%0 - 1%$30/1g
VapeRedee Strawberry Kiwi Vape CartHybrid77.90%0 - 1%$30/1g
VapeRedee Key Lime Vape CartHybrid76.90%0 - 1%$30/1g
Vape Hexo Kelime Sunrise Vape PenHybrid80.02%0 - 1%$25/0.25g
Vape Redee Hawaiian Haze Vape CartHybrid80.6 - 81.8%0 - 0.3%$30/1g
Vape Redee OG Kush Vape CartHybrid 79.8 - 80.8%0 - 0.3%$20/0.45g
Vape Redee OG Kush Vape KitHybrid 79.8 - 80.8%0 - 0.3%$25/0.45g
Vape Redee Trainwreck Vape Cart Sativa80.80%0 - 0.5%$20/0.45g
Vape Redee Trainwreck Vape Kit Sativa 69 - 81%0 - 0.5%$25/0.45g